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Job ID: 353575154

Job Description

Collaborate with kitchen management on menu items

Attend all staff meetings

Prep kitchen before meal times

Prepare menu items as ordered

Ensure proper preparation of all food to be served

Assist head chef with large projects when requested

Maintain a clean kitchen at all times

Work in a safe and efficient manner


The right candidate will have a passion for learning, be highly motivated and understands the team dynamic! This candidate should be knowledgeable about safety and sanitation practices.

Consistent preparation and presentation based on overall standards, including portion size

Responsible for cleanliness and sanitation of individual work area and kitchen, including equipment, counters, tools, waste areas, etc

Possess the ability to take direction and receive constructive criticism.

Assist fellow line chefs, prep chefs and stewards in daily tasks of the kitchen

Basic kitchen knowledge is a plus. I.E, knife skills, sautee, fry, braising, stocks, mis-en-place.

Culinary training and prior experience is preferred, but not necessary.

Be able to multi-task and work at an efficient pace to keep up with business needs.

Responsible for maintaining excellent professional conduct and safe working habits while in all areas

Serve Safe food safety and sanitation certified

Ability to stand for long periods of time, ability to push, pull or carry Fifty pounds, Ability to bend, kneel and squat.

Vaccination is a requirement of the job and accommodations due to disability or religious reasons will be evaluated in compliance with prevailing regulations

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