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"I found the position where I am at presently only a few days after registering with iHireChefs. The position is rewarding, educational, professional, and pretty much just what I was looking for at this stage of my career even if it wasn't my dream job. Keep up the good work, because I am still looking for that dream job and feel that most likely I'll find it through iHireChefs."

Kevin D.

Fort Myers, FL
"I enjoyed the emails from when searching for a position. I have found an opportunity. I plan to use when I next need to search for a position. Excellent service!"


Fairfax, VA
"iHireChefs is another source for potential employers for the position of interest I was seeking."

Brent E.

Plano, TX
"I signed up for your site on a Wednesday and by Friday I had 4 interviews lined up. From those four interviews I received 3 job offers and was able to choose which job I wanted and was best for me. I am extremely pleased with my results. I've never had to choose which job I wanted. Thank you!"

Michael W.

"Your site kept me well informed of great opportunities and taught me about hope."


Pleasantville, NY
"iHireChefs helped me identify skills I possess that make me a more competitive candidate and kept me informed of the job market."

Thomas G.

Yuba City, CA
"You have a great selection on all the restaurants in my town and are vigilant in finding work for us, thank you"

Arturo S.

McAllen, TX
"I am so amazed. For absolutely NOTHING, I found an externship and my first REAL WORLD job in the Biz. I signed up and in 24 hours I had 45+ calls for interviews. Even though the first one worked, it was great having many more to fall back on. ALL YOU STUDENTS SIGN UP NOW..........33 thumbs up iHireChefs..... keep it working!"

Don A.

Long Beach, CA
"Found a job within 2 weeks. Great place and pay."


"I was able to secure employment through iHireChefs. Most rewarding experience."

John-Michael C.

McLean, VA
"Thank you very much, this site is just perfect. I already found a job. I encourage job seekers to enroll in this site. Again, thank you"

Marcelo M.

Dover, PA
"iHireChefs does a great job and I've learned a lot through the process. I just got lucky and found an incredible executive chef position down the street in my own home town!"

Michael G.

Paris, TX
"iHireChefs saved me time in my job search. I got an interview after applying and now I have a great job with excellent benefits! "

Bridgett C.

West Fork, AR
"iHireChefs worked for me. Through iHireChefs, I found some great cooking positions !"

Chris A.

"The site helped me get an executive chef job within three weeks."

Jerramiah C.

Battle Creek, MI
"Thank you! I found a job!"


Cape May Court House, NJ
"Thanks to, I found a job with a great employer! The best part was, he contacted me. I am relocating and looking forward to starting a new life, thanks to this website. I hope I won't have to use it again, but if need be, I will. "

Shane C.

"Constant updated listings, and plenty of them. Received 5 offers through ihireChefs!"

Russell S.

Greeley, CO
"I joined your website 3 days ago, applied for 4 to 5 jobs, and 3 of the jobs contacted me right away and I was hired on the spot for one of them and took it. Thank you so much for helping me find a job, this was an awesome experience. I would join again if I ever need your help."

Melissa P.

"I was just hired by a local exclusive country club as a Sous Chef. My resume was seen on Thank you for your help."

John B.

"Out of all websites for finding jobs, this is the one that has the most potential and is easy to follow. Try it!"

Gerardo F.

Gardena, CA
"I have been using for several years now, and without a doubt, it is the best online job search portal I've come across yet! When it was time to get serious about staying competitive, and finding employment that mattered, iHire was there. Not only do they find the best fit, but they also assist in every way possible in order to be gainfully employed to the best of your potential. I highly recommend iHire for all your job search needs. Warm regards Chef Don"

Donald L. S. - Chef Don

"iHireChefs offered me a ton of options and saved me a lot of time looking through the vast sea of Culinary openings. I loved the email updates on what was available."

Dan F.

Green Bay, WI
"Great site! Multiple listings makes looking for your job much easier."

Matthew H.

New York, NY
"The area that really made a difference in this job search was the fact that the listings on iHireChefs actually met what I was searching for. The really good opportunities that you just don't find posted elsewhere. Kudos to iHireChefs , it is awesome to have a site like this for culinary professionals. "

Jack P.

Thompsons Station, TN
"Awesome job board with very extensive job options. "

Daniel C. Lanquist L.

Amarillo, TX
"They showed me how in demand my skills actually are. That helped me to realize I didn't have to settle for a mediocre wage. I know I don't have to say how important that is when money is involved. "

William B.

Colorado Springs, CO
"I got a job with Corporate Chefs in Warren NJ & I have been working there 8 months now. "

Westfield, NJ
"I am a le Cordon Bleu culinary student and was looking for a good place to start my externship/first culinary job. iHireChefs helped me find a restaurant just minutes from my home."

Ray C.

Rocklin, CA
"Very much help the best website there is."

Marbin A.

Cape Coral, FL
"I applied for a job through iHire and nailed the interview. Now I have a a job!"

Jesus F.

San Jose, CA
"Thanks for all your help, I found a great job in South Carolina and am looking forward to the move. "

Dustin Y.

Savannah, GA
"iHireChefs helped me identify skills I possess that make me a more competitive candidate. iHireChefs helped me improve and optimize my resume. iHireChefs saved me time and effort during my job search. I got an interview after applying to a job on iHireChefs. iHireChefs enabled me to find a job listing which turned out to be a perfect match for my career."

Mark T.

High Point, NC
"It worked great. I got a lead to a job from and I received a 6 figure offer in a week. It's as useful as a knife to a chef. "

Ralph P.

East Hampton, NY
"I am very pleased with a career job site that is for chefs. The iHireChefs team will notify anyone who applies for one position that others may be of interest to them. It is nice to know that they offer a free resume snapshot of who I am and what I do. More people need to know about what this company offers. I was happy to see that I could also add my resume if I did not want to build one. For those who want that option of building a good resume, it is there for you. Give iHireChefs the opportunity to work for you! "

Joseph C.

Columbia, SC
"I am very pleased with this site. It has opened a lot of new highways for my career."

Kelvin G.

Rocky Mount, NC
"Great relevant job alerts and help "tweaking" the wording on my resume led me to find and land my "dream job", thanks!"

Christian F.

Advance, NC
"I found a job in my field through iHireChefs in 4 days. Thanks so much"

Carla P.

Coppell, TX
"I found a job within a day of being on this site. I would recommend this to anyone! Thank you very much. "

Douglas Durfey

West Yellowstone, MT
"After signing on to iHireChefs I got a job just about the next day. Since then, I have had a few very nice phone calls and continue to receive quality leads in my inbox."

Timothy B.

Palm Springs, CA
"I wish to thank each and every person that is involved in the process of keeping up with all of the companies and all of the individuals that have come to this site. I myself stumbled onto this site by accident, and have been glad I did ever since. It seems that everyone's efforts are tireless and that they push to satisfy all that come to this site........."

Michael C.

Pollock, LA
"I had never received responses from employers outside of Illinois until I signed up with Shortly after that, I received a call from Iowa and my wife and I were flown to Iowa for me to interview. It was very exciting to participate and I owe that opportunity to"

Leo C.

Lincolnwood, IL
"This site actually got me an interview. And it is extremely easy to use. You must go to and summit an application!"

Lagina S.

Middlesboro, KY
"Dear iHireChefs: My son Richard found his dream job. He is 19 years old and Sous Chef on an island off the coast of North Carolina at Argyles restaurant. Thank you for what you do. "

Bob V.

Birmingham, AL
"I actually found a job that my Headhunter missed! I forwarded her the listing and she helped me apply, interview and land the job! Great site!"

Chef Kelly A.

Glendale, CA
"This is the first job site in which I have found to post jobs in any field of training. I am very pleased with finding this website. I will also tell some friends about this site. It might land them in a great job too."

Pearl B.

"They connected me with a great job opportunity immediately "


West Palm Beach, FL
"It's a great tool to find professional jobs."

Anne Marie C.

Springboro, OH
"I had been out of work for a long time. I couldn't find anything and tried just about everything. I saw this site online an gave it a try. The 1st week went by and nothing.....but the second week I was getting emails and calls for interviews. Now I have a job and it has been less than two weeks. Thank you iHireChefs."

Russell G.

"Was able to procure not only one but two strong employment possibilities. Thanks"

Jerome O. Taylor

Hickory, NC
"Thanks! Great job opportunity tool. I got an interview after applying to a job on iHireChefs."

Gerardo T.

Azusa, CA