Bravo Bagel

Bravo Bagel

BRAVO BAGEL is a family-owned artisan bagel shop. Our delicious bagels are baked fresh daily using all-natural ingredients, unbleached flour, and a proprietary fermentation process. They're a perfect mix of crispy and chewy goodness you're sure to love!

Why work for BRAVO BAGEL?

1. You want to do something meaningful. We’re building BRAVO BAGEL from the ground up, not taking orders from a corporate office. Yes, we have a vision, but you can help mold and shape what we become. This is an opportunity to impact your community and the direction of a company. Every voice here matters.

2. You want to learn. We’re seasoned professionals with over a decade of experience building and growing teams at local start-ups and multi-national corporations. Developing others into the leaders they want to be is our passion, and one of the reasons BRAVO BAGEL exists!

3. You have a life. Family comes first – always. Our business hours are perfect for anyone who values being home for dinner. Providing you quality time away from work and no less than one day off a week are a priority.

4. You don’t want to work for jerks. We’re not jerks.

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