Sunnyside Community Services

Our Mission:

We strengthen our community by providing a continuum of vital services and activities that enrich the lives of individuals of all ages.

About Us:

Sunnyside Community Services (SCS) is a multi-service, community-based, not-for-profit agency that provides programs for individuals of all ages. Established as a senior center in 1974, SCS began offering licensed home care services in 1979 and introduced youth services in 1983. We have worked to respond continuously to community needs, and today we provide a broad range of services to approximately 14,000 people each year including children, youth, adults, and seniors.

Our Youth and Family Services provide educational enrichment to children, teens, and young adults. Our services begin in pre-kindergarten and extend through college. We help to engage parents as partners in their children’s education, providing them with the tools they need to work with their children’s teachers and to plan for college.

For adults, we offer English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses and Home Health Aide Training. Our ESOL Program helps immigrants to develop the English proficiency they need to speak with employers, doctors, landlords, their children’s teachers, and others. Our Home Health Aide Training Program provides training, certification, and a direct pipeline to employment.

Our senior services help people to stay healthy, active, and independent as they age. Our Center for Active Older Adults offers 30 fitness, arts, educational and recreational activities each week, plus hot, nutritionally-balanced meals. We provide home care services for those with limited mobility and support for individuals caring for an ailing senior as well as social adult day programs for individuals with Alzheimer's disease, dementia or physical impairments. As peoples’ needs change over time, we work to provide seamless and ongoing support.

Our Core Values

Sunnyside Community Services’ strength lies in its ability to work with people at every stage in their lives and in their own communities. We pride ourselves in an approach that is comprehensive, caring and community-based. These guiding principles shape our work:
•People-centered: We support each individual on their unique path through life and believe in their capacity to strengthen our community. We value compassion and kindness based on respect for those we serve, and those who help us to serve.
•Services Are Connected and Effective: We offer a continuum of quality programming delivered by a diverse, knowledgeable and caring team. Our commitment to learning ensures that our programs continue to evolve to meet community needs.
•Strength in Diversity: We celebrate the richness of cultures, provide relevant programming, and work to ensure all voices are heard.
•Integrity and Commitment: We work with integrity as we commit the resources entrusted to us to achieve our mission and enhance our community.
•Power in Partnership: We believe in the value of partnership to forge solutions and expand our impact.
•Commitment to our team: Our services are impactful because of the people behind them. We treat our staff with respect and value the unique contributions they make to building our organization.

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