Montana Ale Works

Montana Ale Works

As the highest-volume, dinner-only restaurant between Seattle and Denver, the Ale Works kitchen is staffed with passionate culinarians striving to create and serve exceptional food flawlessly, an extraordinary objective considering our crushing volumes that would overwhelm a run-of-the-mill kitchen crew. The
“back of the house” at full riot is an energy bomb, filled with pros, and aspiring pros, devoted to their craft, who understand that even an average night in the Ale Works kitchen is an athletic event.
Our chefs, cooks, and prep crew are encouraged to check out culinary books from our in-house library, capitalize on any opportunities to participate in community cooking demos, take classes, or assist with farm-to-fork education in the local schools. The expectation is that they continue their culinary development while employed with us.
Executive Chef Anthony Calkins recently coached our local Pro-Start high school culinary team to the regional Finals in Anaheim, California in 2015. Under the tutelage of managing partner and corporate chef Roth Jordan, Anthony and his
professional staff are always striving to improve, while meeting the challenge of creating up to a dozen creative specials nightly and serving up to 1500 guests on peak summer nights.

In 2013, Montana Ale Works eliminated all commodity ground beef. We now proudly source 100% of our ground beef locally. In a partnership with the Montana Wagyu Cattle Co., a co-op of Montana ranchers located just down the road in Belgrade, we created a proprietary blend of 50% Wagyu and 50% Angus beef – naturally-raised, hormone- free, grass-fed-and-finished, raised entirely on Montana pastureland.

In the first two years alone of offering exclusively local burgers, the Ale Works served over 80,000 lbs of locally-grown and raised beef. With our strongest selling menu item now a completely Montana product, we've virtually eliminated the travel miles from range to plate, and the associated environmental costs, while providing four times the positive economic impact for our community than if we'd spent those dollars
on commodity beef. By eliminating the middleman, we’re serving a healthier, better burger at a comparable price.

Seriously tender, incredibly juicy, and seasoned to perfection, our burgers are seared by the best grill cooks in town. Veteran Ale Works grill man Charles Smith, at the broiler since 2003, has grilled what we conservatively estimate to be 550,000 burgers - and counting - since assuming his station. Charles recently broke his own “most-burgers- cooked-in-a-night” record of 395 grilled-to-order in a single service!

Thanks in part to our switch to local, naturally-raised beef, Montana Ale Works won Bozeman’s “Best Burger” award in 2015. The buttery, fresh-baked buns that shelter each patty are lovingly baked by our friends at On the Rise bakery in Four Corners.

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