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What employers are saying...

Laurie Carlos

Great amount of good resumes were sent my way from my ad. Highly recommend!

Laurie Carlos, Owner
Something Sweet by Maddie Lu, LLC

David Seigal

With tough competition between fine-dining restaurants all looking for kitchen talent, we have found success using We consistently get more applications from high-caliber candidates from this site.

David Seigal, Executive Chef
The Lobster Place, NYC

Marilyn Usibelli

Hello! I used your service last April under Black Diamond Resort Co and I wanted to let you know how great it was for me. I ended up hiring a chef named Andy and it was for a seasonal position at my restaurant. He has turned out to be one of the best employees I have every had. In fact, he is currently turning my restaurant into a year round business. We are open this winter for the first time on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. He is most definitely a success story for and I want to thank you for helping make this possible for me!

Marilyn Usibelli, Owner
Black Diamond Resort

Bob Geppert

BEST DEAL EVER! I had the toughest time getting anybody to respond to my Chef needs in Round Hill, Virginia. I tried as a last resort. I had more good responses than I had ever hoped for. I have hired a chef and I will be leaving here to go to Gadsen, Alabama to start up a new golf course for Billy Casper Golf managment and I will use again.

Bob Geppert, Regional Manager
Billy Casper Golf Management

Renee Alevras,

Heather Gonzales keeps us connected to She knows what we need – and when we need it. She is there every time we are ready to place ads on with good tips and gentle sales advice. Her customer service is top-notch.

Renee Alevras,, Human Resources and Office Manager
The Lobster Place, NYC

Cora Walker

Finding professional that are interested in working in our remote parks locations has always been our biggest challenge. I have been very pleasantly surprised by the volume of interested candidates for these postings as well as by the great candidates and their experience. The ihire network has been a great option for our locations and we will continue to utilize its easy website for our recruitment needs!

Cora Walker
ARAMARK Harrison Lodging

Betsie or John Knudson

We always use "iHire Chefs" for trying to find the right candidate for our kitchen. They always provide us with good leads. Another thing we like is the punctuality of sending the resumes, especially when we are in a hurry to find a cook or Chef. They also have saved us a lot of money. It is quite expensive to advertise in the paper for 3 issues.

Betsie or John Knudson
Yardley Commons

Blanche McMillan

Thank you for the highly qualified candidate who has everything my client asked for. The position is exactly what the candidate wanted. After interviews and a kitchen trial, the candidate was hired. We will continue to use iHireChefs for our culinary staffing needs.

Blanche McMillan

Mickey Cohaney

Wow, I have been blown-away with the level of responses that we received from After receiving resumes from all over the country and varying skill levels we have completed our search and interviews with a new Executive Chef on board. After over twenty years in the industry as a restaurateur, your system has been one of the most enjoyable and effortless recruiting tool I have ever experienced. Thanks for the helping hand and we will definitely use again for future personnel needs.

Mickey Cohaney, President
Second Street Restaurant

Hank "Bear" Ullman

When we needed to find a Pastry Chef from outside the area iHireChefs was the way to go. We had the job posted on several websites and had almost no response. But within days of posting the job with iHireChefs we had several excellent candidates. I'm getting ready to post another position for Sous Chef, but I won't waste resources on those other sites!

Hank "Bear" Ullman, Executive Chef
Marcus Whitman Hotel and Conference Center

Kimberly Macdonald

Using has help us at Cristina's Restaurant by providing us with qualified applicants as fast as the day our job was posted. We have hired two people using and have been very happy with our new employees. The employees we hired from have been extemely qualified, great personalities, and fun to work with. Thanks for the great pool of applicants we got to choose from.

Kimberly Macdonald, Office Manager
Cristina's Restaurant

Gloria Hanson

We are a private club located in a remote, rural area and are a seasonal business with clientele that is accustomed to fine dining. Thus our needs may be a bit different from most. I posted a job at iHireChefs for the first time this year, and was pleased with the immediate response. We conducted a telephone interview and then a personal interview before hiring a candidate. The bonus was that he recommended a co-worker who was also skilled in food and beverage. We hired both!

Gloria Hanson, Assistant General Manager
Sutton Bay Golf, LLC

Mark Stielper

I would like to thank iHireChefs for the excellent response we recently received to a listing for a chef. For considerably less money than a newspaper ad, and with a much more targeted audience, we were able to consider a great number of candidiates. I will certainly use iHireChefs for my next foodservice opening.

Mark Stielper, General Manager
Holiday Inn

Karen Braun

Thank you so much, we've received numerous resumes from highly qualified candidates. We've not you begun the process of narrowing down the list to a manageable handfull but feel very comfortable that with the resumes in hand, we'll find the perfect candidate.

Karen Braun

Jim Janssen

Finding quality candidates was never easier!! We were able to fill our position quickly and with little pain! It was nice to deal with such a professional organization that attracts many qualified candidates!

Jim Janssen
Voyagaire Lodge and Hosueboats

Tai Truong

Excellent results!! The last time we posted for head chef position, we got many responses.

Tai Truong
Papaya Restaurant

Wes Lanham

Times are growing more scarce when we can applaud over the top, outstanding service. My experience with you has been the exception. My firm has spent thousands of dollars advertising in major Metropolitan newspapers for a Lead Baker here at the Bread Ovens at Quail Creek Farm. We have had ZERO qualified applicants for this position untill now. Reluctantly, I decided to look to for help. Your representative walked me thru the posting, accepted payment for service, and within HOURS I had 5 highly qualified applicants. One week later,not only have I enjoyed 200 hits on the site, but I have the best trained, pleasant baking crew that I have ever known in my 30 yrs as a professional. I am thrilled and elated to applaud this UNBELIEVABLE resource. I will never use any other instrument for my staffing needs but I promise.

Wes Lanham
Bread Ovens At Quail Creek Farm

Ian Bowen

My Retirement Community is located in a very rural area which makes it difficult to attract applicants. I turned to iHireChefs to supply me with canidates that I could not have find by way of conventional advertising. I hired an Executive Chef who is working out wonderfully. Thanks

Ian Bowen
Friends Village

Betsie Knudson

Just wanted to let you know how really great your service was in our hiring a Chef. We received a lot of good resumes from you and we are in the process of hiring one that you sent us. You will probably be getting a lot of business from our Corporation.

Betsie Knudson, Manager
Yardley Commons

Rena Cooper-Webb

Thank you so much. I was able to see many apps that met my specifications that I may not have been able to reach without your services. I found a chef in Rhode Island for my position in Georgia. He was ready for a life change and so were we- your services connected the dots. Thank you!

Rena Cooper-Webb
Zion Farms, Rome, GA.

Theresa Duffy

Within an hour of posting our job, we had 5 qualified canidates. I am very impressed and would use this site again!

Theresa Duffy
Queen Anne Marina

Stacy Sutherland

I am very pleased with the responce I have received from this site as the quality is also great.

Stacy Sutherland
Glasgow Golf & Country Club

Bob Jones

Not only did I find my perfect chef....but he brought with him 2 other key is good

Bob Jones
The Coe House

Bill Heffner

Great resource for quality candidates. I have hired several chefs from ihire. All have become valuable employees, some are now Team Leaders setting Benchmark performances. Wow! What a positive impact ihirechefs has made on my recruiting efforts. The only internet service provider I use.

Bill Heffner
Delta Catering Management LLC

Bruce Sterman

I am delighted to tell you that we found our new executive chef from our posting on The site is easy to use, and brought us a great many qualified candidates. It is an effective and efficient web site. Thank you!

Bruce Sterman, Proprietor
Manhattan Chili Company