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What are the differences between the user access levels?

Organizational Admins have the ability to manage all user permissions and content under an account. All other users can be granted one, a combination of, or all of the following access levels:

  • Manage Branding Elements: Allows user to add/edit organization branding elements including logos, videos, URLs, and company profiles.
  • Manage Team/Users: Allows user to add/remove contacts and manage their permissions.
  • Post Jobs: Allows user to post and manage their own jobs.      

A user's permissions will be applied to all of the organizations they have access to. Additionally, you may choose not to give any of the permissions to a contact (for example, if you have a team member who will be focused exclusively on sourcing via Resume Search). Access to Resume Search is managed separately by the Organizational Admin on the Manage Resume Search Seats page. 

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