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How do I manage my Job Slots?

To add a job, visit the Manage Jobs tab and click “Add Job.” If all of your slots are currently in use, you will need to close a job before adding a new one.

To edit or close an existing Job Slot, visit the Manage Jobs tab and select the job you wish to edit or close. Click “Edit Job” to change the description, title, or application details. Click “Close Job” to close the job. From this screen, you will also be able to view your job’s performance. If you are receiving responses through iHire, you can view resumes, add ratings and notes, and track applicant status.

You may also upgrade or downgrade your number of Job Slots by visiting your "Account" page and selecting "Subscriptions." Click "Change Plan" next to your Job Slots subscription and you will be able to update your plan. You may also cancel your subscription or keep you current subscriptions within the same flow.

For additional assistance managing your Job Slots, please contact our Customer Success team at 866-238-0161 or customersuccess@ihire.com.

Learn more about Job Slots in this short video.

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